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What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent solution for women who have thin and/or short eyelashes or for anyone desiring a more dramatic effect with their eyes. Unlike old-fashioned strip lashes, extensions are very natural looking and can be worn for weeks with minimal care. Individual synthetic lashes are applied to a single natural eyelash using a surgical-grade adhesive manufactured specifically for this application. The practice has existed for decades in Asia, particularly Korea, where the practice originated. Today, it is rapidly gaining popularity among American women seeking to enhance the impact of their eyes while eliminating the hassles of mascara.

How long do extensions last?

Most clients can expect to come in for a relash every 2 to 4 weeks. A relash should be scheduled when the client has lost no more than half their lash extensions. The most important factor effecting the longevity of lashes is proper application. 40 Lashes technicians are specifically trained to apply extensions using the proper technique and products to ensure the longest lash life possible. However, there are other factors that will effect the life of your extensions:

Come into your initial appointment with clean, natural lashes (no curling, no mascara).

The natural growth pattern of lashes (usually about 90 days).

Products used around the eye area (no oil-based products).

Daily activities that include heat, moisture and contact. Lashes are water-resistant but will last longer if excessive heat and moisture are avoided. Rubbing and/or picking at lashes will obviously cause accelerated loss.

How long does the application take?

Your first visit for a full set of lashes will typically take one-and-a-half hours or more, depending on how many natural lashes you have. Relashes will take between 30 and 45 minutes.

What are the lashes made of?

Modern lash extensions are made from synthetic silk fibers, which are sanitized and hypoallergenic.

Is the glue safe to use in the eye area?

40 Lashes uses only specially formulated, surgical-grade glue that has been approved for use around the eye. The glue is formaldehyde-free and very gentle.

Do lash extensions damage the lashes?

With proper application and care, your natural lashes will not be damaged by extensions.

Please refer to your 40 Lashes care guide for complete instructions.

What is the eyelash extension process?

Lashes are bonded with gentle glue onto the eyelashes individually, not to the skin. You will not feel any discomfort during the process.

Can extensions be added to straight lashes or curled lashes?

Lash extensions were invented in Asia for women lacking in volume, length and curl. Therefore, straight lash extensions are ideal for straight natural lashes. However, curlier lashes can also be with the proper application technique.

Can I wear mascara?

Most women who wear eyelash extensions find they no longer need to wear mascara. However, for a thicker, more dramatic look, 40 Lashes does offer mascara that is specifically formulated for extensions. Please bear in mind, oil-based makeup remover will also remove eyelash extensions. For the best possible results, please minimize rubbing of your extensions and use only water or non oil-based remover.

How are eyelash extensions removed?

Eyelash extensions should only be removed by a qualified eyelash extension professional. The process utilizes a specialized remover that gently dissolves the adhesive without damaging natural lashes or irritating the eyelid or eye.

Cancellation - Reschedule Policy

40 Lashes requires 24 hours notice of a cancellation or rescheduled appointment. This allows us to accommodate others if you cannot make your appointment. Cancellations or rescheduled appointments made within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment will be charged the full price.


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